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  • 23 Ιουλίου 2012

    Get Inspired!

    On the eve of the start of this year’s Summer Olympic Games in London, students and teachers from all over the world interested in cultural, heritage and sport tourism will gather at Ancient Olympia to take part in the 3rd Tourism Summer School 2012! Get inspired!
  • 18 Ιουλίου 2012

    It’s Not Too Late: Why Now is the Best Time to Book a Greek Getaway

    Greece boasts a very long summer season with just hot enough (and dry) weather beginning in May and lasting, in some parts, until mid-October. Book your Greek getaway now and enjoy the spectacular summer beaches, sun and outdoor activities.
  • 17 Ιουλίου 2012

    Municipality of Hersonissos Announces its “Crete Reporters” Winners

    Teamwork, technology and tourism: three words that describe the successful formula for the social media campaign undertaken recently by the Hersonissos Municipality in Crete.
  • 17 Ιουλίου 2012

    Greek Gastronomy Takes to the Road

    The vastly unique culinary tradition that defines the gastronomy of Greece is taking its place amongst the world’s leading European cuisines.
  • 16 Ιουλίου 2012

    Tour operator, alltours announces double-digit growth in bookings for Greece.

    The efforts of the Greeks are commendable. Many hotels sell at cost. Given the high quality, good service and excellent tourist infrastructure, tourists can now enjoy quality vacations at low prices. Greece continues to be fully competitive with other tourist destinations
  • 12 Ιουλίου 2012

    Call it Dionysian DNA, Call it Hard Work, Greeks Make Wine Much More than Fine

    In recent decades, Greek wines have emerged as some of the world’s best, gainingthe appreciation and acclaim of wine critics and sommeliers everywhere … as Greekwinemakers make serious investments to expand their presence in foreign markets and increase exports. …
  • 11 Ιουλίου 2012

    Greek Islands travel guide

    Other island silhouettes on the horizon, a transparent sea lapping a sand or pebble shore (there’s a special Greek word for the sound – flísvos), a congenial beach bar a few steps away… for many visitors, these are the essentials of a holiday in the Greek islands.
  • 10 Ιουλίου 2012

    International Gold Distinction for Alonissos and Samothraki Beaches

    Alonissos, the Greek island in the Sporades, and Samothraki, in the Nothern Aegean, received the “Gold” for their clean beaches at the "QualityCoast International 2012 Torres Vedras," event organised by the Coastal & Marine Union-EUCC and QualityCoast Team in May.
  • 10 Ιουλίου 2012

    Sifnos in Top Islands under the Sun

    Sifnos lands 9th spot in the Top Ten list of “Islands Under the Sun”… “It’s just a spot on the ocean that someone could hardly notice on a map.
  • Taste like Greece  
    06 Ιουλίου 2012

    Taste like Greece

    Taste of London 2012 saw a little slice of Greece at Taste of London...
  • 03 Ιουλίου 2012

    Tasting is believing!

    Tasting it was a revelation. It had an unusual lift on the palate and was packed fullof flavor but didn't overwhelm. Like a fine wine, it was gentle on the palate and had thattelltale freshness found in all wines planted on good terroirs
  • 29 Ιουνίου 2012

    Two major conferences on nanotechnology in Greece this summer

    The science of nanotechnology, also referred to as nanotech, is pretty big. A relatively new science, it deals with the building of technologies and matter from the nanometer scale (atom, molecular size) and building up from there.
  • 29 Ιουνίου 2012

    How Greeks do Greece: Try it You Might Like It

    A general guide with tips on holidaying a la Gréc.
  • 26 Ιουνίου 2012

    Statement by Hugh Morgan, Managing Director of Monarch Travel Group

    For over 40 years, Cosmos Holidays has been operating holidays to Greece and the Greek Islands providing thousands of customers with wonderful holiday experiences.
  • Bettany Hughes
    19 Ιουνίου 2012

    Bettany Hughes

    "I'm always happiest when I'm in Greece. The philosopher Socrates advised we shouldn't just live life, but love the living of it. …Greece is simply special. I love it.
  • 19 Ιουνίου 2012

    Exploring the Peloponnese!

    Greece is in turmoil and politicians say they are the only ones who can save it. But, as every Greek knows in his heart, it's the gods that count. And Zeus, the most powerful god of all, is also the god of hospitality. He can't afford to let his people down.
  • 15 Ιουνίου 2012

    Best of the World 2012

    What places are calling your name for 2012? Whatever your mood, Traveler magazine has a recommendation for you
  • 15 Ιουνίου 2012

    Wine & Spirits: 10 Reasons to Drink Greek Wine Now

    Assyrtiko, Agiorgitiko, Xinomavro — oh my! All about Greece’s modern wines, and why you should be drinking them.
  • 14 Ιουνίου 2012

    Drink Like the Greeks

    Economic crisis notwithstanding, Greece is turning out some surprisingly good wines. And New Yorkers are paying attention.
  • I Love Greece!!
    by Lena
  • Maravilhosa e´a acropole de Atenas.
    by Germano
  • Amoooo Grecia!!! es mi lugar en el mundo.
    by graciela
  • Great Country
    by Venkat
  • I enjoy my days in greece.I have been visit there couple of island`s (Greeta and Lefkas).I dream to see Korfu and I have heard that Samos is wonderfull place too.This is coldest summer since two year`s here in Finland.In Greece I enjoy warm water (and I love that crystall blue color).
    by anne-marie
  • I Like Greece , is country clasic
    by hanna
  • Wish I were there!
    by Cheryl
  • Amooooo Greciaaaa!!!! :))))
    by graciela
  • Is this in the paradise ?
    by Shehab
  • Don t see any crisis there!!
    by Dusan
    by Sand
  • I love Paros, the first Greek island I fell in love with. I am going in October ! x
    by Susan
  • exotic place...
    by Daisy
  • I want to celebrate my 22'nd birthday in Santorini!!!
    by Jennifer
  • Nea Kallikratia, Chalkidiki... my second home, forever!!! :-)
    by Richard
    by Sand
  • I'm there now and I will be as often as possible!
    by Gerhard
  • It looks delicious - looking forward to returning to Greece next year to lead a photography tour. It will be my first visit in nearly 30 years.
    by Jerome
  • Lovely & beautiful
    by Hudák
  • Wait for me, divine Crete! I'll be here, I'll see you in two weeks!
    by Tatiana
  • I LOVE Crete!! Can't wait to go back....
    by Mary
  • Only 3 weeks till I'm in kos cannot
    by Scott
  • Really love Lefkada,and their wonderful beaches,been back 10 times!!
    by Cornelis
  • Lefkada, Kathisma...here we come....few more days left! Can't wait...
    by Milica
  • It only took me an instant to fall in love with Greece - my heart belongs there ♥
    by Narelle
  • I was in Greece many times,but every way I enjoyed there like a first time...
    by ДАНИЕЛА
  • The most beautiful country in the world!
    by Jasmina
  • Go visit Greece, just come back and already miss the people the smells the feeling of love surrounds everyone.
    by Debbie
  • love Limnos!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
    by Alexandra
  • The Greeks surely know how to entertain their visitors! After my visit to Thessaloniki last month, Athens will be the next hopefully soon! Ciao!
    by Wildon
  • Another thing, of many, to love about Greece. Greece has a soul. Such an amazing place that will always live in me.
    by Carolyn
  • would go to the beach and drink ice cold ouzo! Am sitting looking at a storm outside and counting the days until I take off for Greece....8 weeks is going to a long time :-(
    by Ingrid
  • Simply the best place in the world!
    by Liz
  • I am in greece! The islands are beautiful! I loved Mikonos, Milos, Paros, Folegrandos and Santorini!
    by Maria
  • @VisitGreecegr :) I spend a lot of time in your lovely country. WIll be there next week.
    by Barbara
  • @VisitGreecegr Just back from an unforgettable week in Crete. I invite you to see my photos via #cretatrip :)
    by Inés
  • @VisitGreecegr Interesting... I'm planning to go to some greek islands on next August ;) #TrueGreece
    by Federica
  • Greece is truly a beautiful island. It is refreshing to the eyes and even the eyes. Visited there a few times when I was younger. Can't wait to have a chance to go back again.
    by Grace
    by Dimdim
  • Been to Greece back when Carter was president. Apparently, the good citizens thought we all voted for him. He had just partially lifted the arms embargo to Turkey, during, our visit. Otherwise, it's a beautiful country and I enjoyed the people's (mostly) friendly manner and Oh! the food!!
    by Dee
  • wow so,,,,,nice ^_^ ,,,,,,,,,,
    by Ciby
  • very,,,very,,,, very beautiful.....
    by gita
  • the coolest palaceeeeee ;)
    by Andi
  • where is that at i want to go there
    by zac
  • wonderful......!!!!!
    by alan
  • nice !!! I want to go there :-)
    by Jeffry
  • Greece...beautiful pearl of our world. Красиво :)
    by Marina
  • WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by ศรุตยา
  • I was there and will come back soon!
    by Chris
  • Beautiful place:-)
    by Sayyid Qutub
  • So unique and refreshing. I see discovery of a young child. I can imagine a child seeing this scene for the first time. What an imprint on the mind!
    by Alexis
  • I was stationed in Greece for a year and I remember it was always a beautiful day from May to September then the rainy and cold season came :(. However, it was still a great assignment!
    by Lourene
  • i imagine paradise looks like this
    by Dusan
  • I love u
    by Yash
  • wow delicious greek food i know it because i used to eat greek food in canada
    by Gursharan
  • <3 Love it!
    by Veronica
  • Grecia e o tara minunata
    by radu
  • absolutely fantastic!
    by Michelle
  • god's creation...human craft... Greece's grace....
    by Guntu
  • I can feel the breeze.Its as if am near to it.All the glory is to God.
    by Adedamola
  • Frumos e puţin spus. Magnific,Un colţ de rai...de vis!!!!!!!!
    by Ioana
  • just when i said i wont see any more beauty in this world , greece surprizes me. it's very touching , moving and sensational
    by Amir
  • I've always wanted to visit here...Soooo much history ,and sooo breathtaking..#PassportLIfe
    by Esquire
  • Oh my! I love greek cooking. It looks delicious.
    by Claudia
  • Better than bora bora!!!
    by dimitris
  • I can almost feel the breeze :)
    by Boško
  • I can feel the breeze.Its as if am near to it.All the glory is to God.
    by Adedamola
  • yo me quiero ir ahí de vacaciones. Que bonito. Me encanta.
    by Angeles
  • beautiful country, I dream to visit it!
    by Andrey
  • An emotional goodbye to #Greece. Thanx for sharing your amazing country and your warm hospitality! See you again real soon!@VisitGreecegr
    by Bernard
  • @VisitGreecegr I LOVE GREECE! In My heart... I lived in Athen and I want for party as DJ. You Are a Special Country
    by Giulia
  • @VisitGreecegr @vfroehlicher @Konstantino7 Looking forward to visit in August ;)
    by Jose
  • @VisitGreecegr wish I could visit Greece more often! Amazing work guys...keep spreading the beauty of Greece all around the world!!!
    by MarkSfik
  • Can't wait to see Greece for myself. Less than a year! RT@visitgreecegr: Beautiful #Kythera! #TrueGreece #travel #ttothttp://ow.ly/bZ9Rl
    by Charlie
  • @alipinknails @visitgreecegr @emmalrowley yes! Greece is amazing! The people, the country, the food, the wine!
    by Doris
  • @VisitGreecegr thank you! Came to kefalonia last month and LOVED it! Will definately be back!
    by Emma
  • Been taking a look at the True Greece website. I am more than happy to support this fantastic destination @VisitGreecegr #truegreece
    by Peter
  • @VisitGreecegr My son has just returned from Greece & tells me on phone they had a lovely time...will see him shortly
    by Aline
  • I really need to unfollow @VisitGreecegr or I'll never get any work done ... Wish I was there. And there. Oh, and there ...
    by Declan
  • beautiful nature and nice people
    by Aleksandra
  • I must go there! Look at how blue that water is! The Texas coast or Gulf of Mexico's water is brown and the sand is like dirt. I love the water and would love to go in some that is decent :)
    by Christi
  • I love you greece! i'll come oct 4!
    by Yinghao
  • I like the rich culture of philosophy and arts associated with the history of Greece,don't really know much about Greece though! I'll like to learn more about the greek culture.Excited about seeing Greece someday!
    by Attah
  • Be nice to Greece,we have most of our modern lives based upon what they developed.
    by David
  • Greece not 4evr!
    by Emily
  • greece is the most wonderful coutry in the world all people must visit greece one time in their life i'm proud i am greek
    by Mari
  • Greece is great and Greece people are also good like to visit
    by Gursharan
  • @visitgreecegr Already been there, loved it! Must come back soon.
    by Europaparlament
  • #FF @VisitGreecegr treat yourself to a holiday in the most amazing Country in the world!! You wont regret it:-)))
    by Astrid
  • @VisitGreecegr I love Greece! Was there in 2003...Corfu, Athens and Ios. Definitely want to go back!
    by evan
  • @VisitGreecegr Thanks! I live in Greece now, in a small rural village amongst just Greeks, and I love it.
    by Joy
  • @VisitGreecegr thanks! Organising a trip to Santorini for a client at the moment & it's got me drooling! Can't wait to visit again myself!
    by Jaillan
  • @VisitGreecegr Good luck with http://TrueGreece.org! We love the sound of it so much we've featured it on our blog!! http://uf.ly/g1
    by Cheapflights
  • @VisitGreecegr Thank YOU for your wonderful country :)
    by Lillie
  • @VisitGreecegr We are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Greece and tweeting all about it #TrueGreece
    by Stacie
  • @VisitGreecegr I worked in Greece for a couple of months this year and I really enjoyed it, I hope to return soon!ece
    by Jon
  • We were staying in Toroni only last week and had meals in Porto Koufo. Fell in love with Sithonia
    by Jeni
  • I feel exactly the same way. I am happiest when my feet are dancing in the Aegean Sea.:)
    by Christa
  • I left London and moved to central Athens two-and-a-half years ago. Even though I'm not living by the sea on an island, I LOVE Greece. The beauty of the Greek islands cannot be surpassed; but I'm happy to live a city life here, enjoying Greek "filoksenia" and 'filotimia' [I won't trans
    by Ντέιβ
  • I am in greece! The islands are beautiful! I loved Mikonos, Milos, Paros, Folegrandos and Santorini!
    by Maria
  • Tonight we will enjoy cheese from Crete, white wine from Paros and olives from Antiparos!
    by Johan
  • Love it & will be sampling the Greek Cuisine BIG TIME over the next 2 weeks!!! ;)
    by Gavin
  • I just buy Greek olives for sure!! the best!!!
    by Janette
  • ‎6 weeks today and I'm of to kos can't wait
    by Scott
  • greece very beatıful country ın the world nd they have old hıstory greek men very handsome ;) ı love greek because greeks and turks brother...
    by Perihan
  • i like this place ,its feeling cool and relax
    by Rose
  • Stunningly beautiful!!!! ♥
    by Rhonda
  • I love Greece so much :)) And I know honeymoon in Greece good ;)...I had it...Greece- best place for holidays :))) for place, people, food, hospitality, the beauty of Greece etc. :))
    by Sylvia
  • Want to be there right now. Leave this rain and cold behind in Sweden !!
    by Sonya Morrell
  • How can I find a job and move to Greece????
    by Amy
  • Wish i was there, 14 degrees in Norway and more rain then sun:-(
    by Åse
  • Lovely GREECE
    by Fayyaz
  • like a paradise!!
    by Beautiful Russian Girls
  • I'd wish i was there...
    by Evelyne
  • incredible beaches. im coming greece :DD
    by Владимир
  • No words enough for such a beauty.
    by Tatiana
  • So many nice places to visit in Greece
    by Sybille
  • Wish I was going to Greece - but no money and noone to ho with
    by Gareth
  • Athens is a wonderful city! I love it and I can't wait for be there in only two weeks!!
    by Cristina-Maria
  • Head to the beach for a swim then have a frappe. Something else? Dancing on the beach at sunset, cold ouzo in hand. Enjoy
    by Yvonne
  • Well done, Visit Greece, you are doing a magnificent job and I hope it is rewarded by an increase in tourism to Greece to help support her economy through these difficult times.
    by The Greek Corinthian Helmet
  • There is no other sea in the world which can be compared with the Aegean: The colours, the islands, water like champagne. And the Greeks with their music and their xenofilia!
    by Veronika
  • greece is so yummy!
    by Teina
  • I love Greece
    by قک
  • Been to Thassos several times, will go back
    by Boško
  • is funny because it reported on television and those they still focus on negativity and all that is exciting for those who watch much TV, really hard and in Greece as in other countries lower or higher.
    by MAO
  • I want to go to Greece!!! No, I NEED to go to Greece!!
    by Jelena
  • Greece4ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by Lolladr
  • how i wish i could go there...
    by carmen
  • Beautiful & i bet the feel of actually being there is like no other
    by michaela
  • Greece is a wonderfull country!!!!
    by miranda
  • oh my God Greece is breathtaking
    by Rajeev
  • Very inviting.
    by Virginia
  • where i wish my home was!
    by Teina
  • I ready and packing
    by rosie
  • nothing more than nectar of the gods. Give it a "shot"!
    by Amalia
  • one of my dream destination
    by Xiang
  • I wanna go so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    by Luciane
  • Words are not enough!!!
    by Tamar
  • now I gotta go back and stay longer,but stick near seashore!!!
    by Danijela
  • hi all are lovely pepole
    by Jagdish
  • i want 2 go there SO bad! it looks lovely
    by Valtheya
  • maraviloso
    by Juan
  • I really want to see Greece live....Thnxs for the comments
    by rosie
  • Greetings grom Serbia Greece brothers
    by Dusan
  • I'd like to visit Greece............... any time :-)
    by JavEll
  • Greece will be always proud ... with or without money :)
    by Hans
  • Greece is perfect. Especially Zakinthos island, where I spend this vacation :-)
    by Alexey
  • I wanna go to/visit Greece...sooooo bad!!
    by Leonard
    by Евгения
  • i hope to be in Greece one day of my life.,you've just validated what i'm hearing about Greece
    by Jamewel
  • Greece is a great holiday destination. We are showing our support by going to Zakynthos next week. Looking forward to lovely people, great food
    by Jas
  • Do not believe the media hype but follow your heart - your future wife will thank you for it I'm sure. Greece is truly magnificent & the people even more so. I was a travel agent for over 30 years & my first choice for a romantic holiday or a family holiday would be Greece. Kairos is a Greek word me
    by Geoff
  • The islands are the best in Greece
    by Rowland
  • I just think that Greece is one of the most beautiful countries in the world faeze
    by Jeremiah
  • Wonderful people, excellent food, breathtaking scenery! So many places to chose from, but for me, it's Skiathos.
    by Simon
  • Porntip, It is not that expensive to go by, if you are living Europe it is so easy to get by. I have been to most of the island in Greece and every year i still want to go but now i have a lot in my hands this summer ,i will try to make it in the winter..
    by Endy
  • Beautiful <3 I love Greece!
    by Anna
  • Edward Gonzalez, you can never have enough of Greece and Greek hospitality. I keep going back every year, It is Paradise on earth
    by Endy
  • Maybe the most beautiful country in world... Help Greek people to stand the financial crisis by visiting Greece...
    by Yannis
  • I want to go back to Santorini!
    by Gary
  • Yes. Tourism might help Greece to some extent to balance their debts.
    by Stuti
  • I'll move from DK NOW. That is a sight I wanna see daily.
    by Thomas
  • I love Atens, Santorini and Creta... All of them are wonderfull!
    by Monica
  • Greece history, culture and beliefs reflects in every mankind lifestyle all around the world. So pretty cool and amazing.. Hope I can travel in Greece someday!!!!
    by Lileth
  • Convincing enough that Greece is a marvelous country. yeah, I love to go there as well. The photo itself sells the place, and with comment/s like Zeki Ceku, and the rest, i do not know why people will not go visit Greece someday.
    by Bernard
  • I’ve been many times in Greece in many islands. Santorini it’s simply unique! Love it! Must be visited absolutely it’s a paradise! I love Greece very much!
    by Jennifer
  • @VisitGreecegr Thanks! Looking forward to sending travelers there soon!
    by TweetTravelMed
  • @VisitGreecegr We are going to sidari in Corfu in august, can't wait!!!
    by Sue
  • @MalloryOnTravel @VisitGreecegr They sure do! And now that I've had a taste of Greece, I want to go back to experience more!
    by Jennifer
  • Don't Forget #Greece is still a great place to visithttp://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/greece/9333349/Corfu-and-Paxos-Greece-still-gets-my-vote.html @TheGreekStar@hellenicdreams @MariaKaramitsos @VisitGreecegr
    by Paul
  • @livingincrete @VisitGreecegr I'd happily go back to Crete any time. Fantastic place :-)
    by Sophie
  • #FF special to @VisitGreecegr Just treat yourself to a holiday in Greece!! Once you’ve been there you will never want to go back home:-))) !
    by Astrid
  • Greece is so beautiful and peaceful as always! It is a piece of "heaven" surrounding by crystal blue sea and sky, I cannot resist...
    by yanan sun
  • We were in the last week of May on Samothrace. It was very nice and we will go there again.
    by Eberhard
  • Greece is my favorite place ever!!
    by Theresa
    by Stefanos
  • I wish i was there! I love Athens, really... I'm french but i feel Greek! why?lovely greece!
    by Evelyne
  • @VisitGreecegr can not wait to visit #Thassos again at the end of July, not been for 4 years hope it is still the same idyllic island it was
    by Johanna
  • Really wanna hit a Greek island this year for holidays... Thinking Crete or Kos! Get me out of this #moist weather! @VisitGreecegr
    by Andrew
  • I keep coming back myself but this year I felt I’ll bring 15 if my international fellow coaches and you know what that they said?They were surprised by the beauty of the Greek nature plus overwhelmed by the friendly Greek hosts.Mission completed! Personaly I’ll be back in August…
    by Regina
  • I love greece I’ve been going for 22years its got the most beautiful islands and everyone is so friendly
    by Scott
  • I was lucky and blessed to have visited in the summer of 2010 for 2 weeks. I think about that trip everyday and how it was like a dream! I promise will be back soon! Kalimera! Patty-Brooklyn NY
    by Patty
  • I love GREECE!
    by Mirjana
  • Greece-PARADISE!!
    by Dragan
  • Athens is a wonderful city tha you must visite!
    by Cristina
  • My hearts home!!! Can't wait to revisit!!!
    by Alexis
  • I love Athens. It may be my favorite city in the EU. Don't miss the Plaka if you go!
    by Valerie
  • I loooove Athens!
    by Pauline
  • What a great mental picture. Can't wait to visit Greece!
    by Brooke
  • I love greece,
    by Ahmed
  • If I am to add a definition to some words from the dictionary, I will define WONDERFUL as ATHENS, CAPTIVATING as SANTORINI, ENCHANTING as HALKIDIKI and PARADISE as GREECE. I definitely want to visit this fascinating country someday and be stunned by its GLORY :)
    by Daisy
  • Greece has a lot of beautiful places and the greeks are friendly and good people. I love Greece and especially Crete! Going there for 3 weeks again this summer:)
    by Mai
  • Mykonos Mykonos Mykonos - the town and Platios Gialos - heaven! As they say the jewel in the crown of all greek islands
    by Denise
  • Sifnos, Serifos, Naxos, Paros, Santorini, Karpathos, Nisiros, Kos - and and and all the others, (don't forget the small Kykladic Islands) - I cannot decide. I love them all!
    by Veronika
  • We have just returned from Skiathos and thought it was the most beautiful Greek island that we have been to. Stunning!
    by Anne
  • We have loved every one we have been to, its the people, the food and the relaxed atmosphere that make them all perfect.
    by Vivienne
  • Rhodes a fantastic place to visit. The beach of Tzambika, as beautiful as at my very first visit in 1976.
    by Barbro
  • Beautiful country been many times always sad to leave. Hopefully lucky enough 1 day to live there in a heartbeat
    by Scott
  • I have been at Skiathos many times,and one time we took a boat trip to Skopelos and Alonissos,and stop for swimming and lunch, a great day.
    by Mai
  • in 48 days time I will be back in Crete in my beautiful Rethymnon to LIVE and VISIT friends for 3 MONTHS :-))))))))))
    by Michelle
  • I miss Crete terribly and will definitely be going back as soon as I am able. Absolutely beautiful island. Chania was particularly amazing! ♥
    by Catherine
  • Just a few weeks more and I'll be lying on the sun, swimming in wonderful clear blue water, enjoying tasty greek food washed down with a bit of retsina and ouzo, taking walk on the moonlit beach ...
    by Zuzana